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Large contracts in the transport industry are usually awarded via tender and if you are thinking of bidding on one of these contracts you will need professional help. Tenders A to Z is experienced in preparing tenders for the transport industry and has produced some major wins for clients bidding on these contracts.

We have assisted a number of clients in tendering for transport, logistics and haulage contracts, and combine this proven track record with an in-depth understanding of the industry. Our Director has previously worked for a large multinational freight provider, giving us knowledge of the dynamics of the sector and relevant terminology. As with most services, the primary consideration for transport, logistics and haulage tenders is cost. Other factors such as safety, quality and environmental management also play a role, but usually to a lesser degree as buyers seek to increase their profit margins in this price driven area.

To date we have successfully tendered for work with the following clients, highlighting our capability in this area:

  • DB Schenker
  • Wesfarmers Ltd
  • Schweppes
  • Coca-Cola Amatil


Tenders A to Z has recently applied our knowledge of logistics and tendering to assist in saving the jobs of a South Australian company tendering to work with one of the biggest soft drink manufacturers in the country. Our client had been a dedicated provider to this buyer for the previous sixteen years, and was given an ultimatum by a newly appointed manager to either lift their game or lose their contract - a daunting predicament for a company with over 20 employees.

The client approached us with only one week as the timeframe for submitting the tender, with multiple millions of dollars’ worth of contract revenue and the jobs of all their employees at stake. The same day we appointed a dedicated contact for the client and began conducting a complete overhaul of their service delivery methodology, reporting structure and safety procedures. We then began drafting the tender while the client implemented these procedures we had developed. After reviewing and submitting the tender in consultation with our client, one month later we were notified that they had been successfully shortlisted.

At this point we were called upon to assist with preparing a presentation as part of the tender process, this time with only a few days lead time. Again we consulted with the client to answer the additional questions given to us by the buyer and identify strategies to retain the contract. We then prepared the presentation within the short timeframe given, and two months later were notified that the client had been successful in their tender response. The client personally thanked us for our monumental efforts in retaining the only contract they had, saving jobs of all their employees and positioning them to secure additional contacts via tender instead of fighting to retain their only existing one.

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