Tenderlink, E Tender & Online Procurement Websites

Online procurement websites such as Tenderlink, E Tender and APET are often used by large multinational companies who receive responses from multiple suppliers. Systems such as Tendersearch are also used to advertise open tenders for suppliers to respond to, but often require a subscription to access. Some of the bigger companies also have their own procurement portals for submitting tenders and bids online. While these systems may make tender evaluation easier for the client, it is easy to make mistakes and lose work, which is risky when you are dealing with multi-million dollar contracts. The other main pitfall associated with these systems is that they become very slow on the day of the deadline due to multiple suppliers accessing them at once, which can lead to late uploads (which result in unsuccessful bids).

Our Tender Writers are experienced with online procurement systems and we can provide training and support to assist with the management of your tender. Whether you are writing your response personally and need some advice, or are considering outsourcing your tender writing, Tenders A to Z can customise a service to your needs. When you consider the value of winning a contract tendered through an e-procurement site, or the implications of losing one (or your job!) because of a mistake you've made, our service is a worthwhile investment. 


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