Tender Writing Services

Tender responses, commercial bids and funding applications are always competitive and usually involving a written response, pricing and company information to allow the buyer (the organisation that releases the tender) to engage the best respondent

Tender Writing Services

Winning a tender is always a competitive process and engaging professional assistance is one of the best ways you can maximise your chances of being successful. Tenders A to Z provides a complete solution for the tender process, from sourcing bid opportunities to winning new contracts. We have a team of qualified and experienced writers from a range of industry backgrounds, allowing us to assist you with completing any tender on time, within budget and to the highest standard. 

Tender Reviews & Evaluation

Our tender and bid evaluation service is a must for anyone writing their own response who is serious about being successful. If you are on a limited budget or have already written your tender and would like to check that you are on the right track before submitting, we offer a professional review service facilitated by experienced evaluators.

Grant Writing & Additional Services

If you are thinking of applying for a grant, Tenders A to Z has a proven track record in securing grant funding for clients and can help. We offer a grant search service to research funding opportunities that would suit your project, and can prepare your grant application on your behalf.

Proposal Writing

If you need to write a proposal to get a client, Tenders A to Z can tailor a proposal writing service to suit any project and budget. We have a network of highly skilled proposal writers from a range of industry backgrounds, allowing us to write any proposal you need assistance with.

Work for Tenders A to Z 

Tenders A to Z is always looking for high performing Tender Writers who can successfully coordinate multiple bids and ultimately win major tenders. 

Tenderlink, E Tender & Online Procurement Websites

If you are looking for tendering opportunities but can’t afford to waste time searching through automated emails or multiple tendering websites to find bids that would suit your company, why not consider our tender research service. We offer a subscription service for researching tender opportunities which takes the hassle out of finding bids.

Managment Plans & Supporting Documents

If you need to develop supporting documents such as safety management plans or policies, environmental management plans or policies, quality management plans or policies or risk management plans or policies, Tenders A to Z can help. We offer a range of supporting documentation written by professionals to assist you with winning your tender while improving your safety, environment, quality and risk management.

Free Tender Search Service 

We offer free, confidential advice regarding bid opportunities and can assist you in making the decision on whether you should be tendering for a contract. Tenders A to Z also offers a range of tender consultancy services to suit any client. Whether you are a sole trader investigating tender opportunities, or if you are part of a company that has its own tenders department, we can help.

Tender Writing Training Courses

If you are thinking of writing your own tenders and don’t know where to start, Tenders A to Z offers tender writing training courses. Our training is easy to understand and comes with take home notes for you to refer back to. We also offer ongoing guidance and coaching in addition to reviews to help you refine your tender writing skills.


We offer copywriting for a range of projects ranging from written content for websites to marketing flyers and brochures. If you are serious about achieving top search engine rankings, or want to market your business effectively, high quality written content is a must. Contact us today to discuss your copywriting project.

Resume Writing Services & Selection Criteria 

In conjunction with our partner, The Resume Renovator, we can provide a customised personal resume writing service giving you the best chance of success.

Tender Pricing Services

Tenders A to Z has formed an alliance with InforValue Global Services to provide a Tender Pricing Service that can be specifically tailored to meet your short-term or long-term needs. Working together, we can align your pricing response more closely with the value you are offering and give you a greater confidence in your numbers.