Tender Consultancy Services

Tenders A to Z provides tender consultancy services for companies across Australia and internationally. Whether you are a sole trader, a small business or a large multinational, we can tailor a consultancy service to suit your needs. Sole traders and smaller companies generally bid for tenders less often, while larger clients frequently have tenders departments responsible for managing all bids the company is tendering for. Our Tender Writers can work independently, onsite or as part of your tenders department, and have all been selected because of their ability to produce winning bids under pressure. 

Regardless of your company size, the focus is always on making you stand out from your competitors to win the tendered contract, and effective tender consultancy services are key to achieving this outcome. It can be a daunting prospect writing tenders, especially if you are incumbent for the service and need to retain the contract. If you are responsible for managing a tenders department and could use some advice on how to increase your win rate, or just considering putting in a tender. Whether you need some assistance deciding the strategic direction of your bid, some critiquing and feedback before submission, or even if you have no idea where to start - we can help!