Tender Writing 

Tender Writing is our core service offering and it involves engaging an outsourced Tender Writer from Tenders A to Z who will either complete your tender working remotely or work from your office, depending on your preferences. Our Tender Writers are all set up with offices, high speed internet connections and phone lines, enabling them to work remotely. If you require onsite work, simply specify that when you request a quote and we can organise to have an experienced Tender Writer on your team within days. Our Tender Writing service takes the stress out of managing your own tenders and we have clients who engage us on multiple projects to write their tenders for them. 

Tenders A to Z has an excellent reputation for producing outstanding Tender Writing. We attribute this reputation to the fact that we select experienced Tender Writers and provide them with a managerial framework that allows them to excel. Our process involves drafting by the Tender Writer, review by the client and Tenders A to Z Director to ensure our work addresses all questions and is of the highest standard. All you need to do to engage our Tender Writing service is email us a copy of the Request for Tender (RFT) and we will quote you a dollar figure for completion of the project. 

Visit our Contact Us page or get in touch with Andrew on 0457 352 216 or andrew@tenderwritingaz.com.au