Building & Construction Tenders

Tenders are an important way of getting work in the building and construction industries, but very few trade workers have the time or knowledge to write winning, building and construction tenders themselves. While the average person could probably attempt to build their own house, most people would agree that the results would be better if they engaged a professional builder. The same is true of writing construction and building tenders, in order to write an effective bid you need an understanding of the industry you are tendering for and the terminology involved, but most importantly you need to know how to write a tender.

Tenders A to Z has a number of building and construction tender consultants who have worked directly in both industries, combining their knowledge with our best practice writing techniques to give you a winning bid while you focus on doing your job, rather than writing about it. Writing is also a task that very few builders get excited about, making it a much better way of operating simply to outsource the project to us, then claim the cost on tax as a business expense. This also gives you a much more professional response than you could possibly write yourself, increasing your chances of tendering successfully, which is the whole point of bidding in the first place.

We have been involved in a number of successful construction and building tender bids for these industries, producing wins for clients tendering with the following buyers:

  • Fulton Hogan
  • McConnell Dowell
  • Theiss
  • Queensland Urban Utilities
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Nambour Hospital.

We can also assist you with preparing supporting building and construction tender documents which are frequently required for these bids, including:

  • Safety Management Plans & Policies
  • Safety Incident Report Forms
  • Environmental Management Plans, Policies & Procedures
  • Risk Assessment Templates
  • Business Plans

See the ‘Corporate Documentation’ tab under ‘Additional Services’ for further details.